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We are the best cities for cycling in Sweden.
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Swedish Cycling Cities

Svenska Cykelstäder (eng. Swedish Cycling Cities) is an association composed of Sweden’s most ambitious municipalities and organizations dedicated to working for increased and safer cycling. This is a historic opportunity to collaboratively promote accessible, healthy, sustainable and human cities. Gathering the best contributors in the field provides the opportunity to take development to the next level. The 28 municipalities are national leaders in promoting daily cycling. The association is supported by 7 associate members: companies which lead the private sector’s conversion to working with cycling.

During 2014 some of Sweden’s best and most ambitious cycling municipalities created a network. The goal was to create cooperation and knowledge exchange between the best municipalities and highlight Swedish best practices in cycling. The initiative for the association came from Malmö municipality together with cycling interest groups Svensk Cykling (eng. Swedish Cycling) and Cykelfrämjandet (eng. The Swedish Cycling Advocacy Organisation). The network became an association May 4, 2015.

The association will increase the bicycle’s share of transportation, make it easier, safer, and more fun to ride in Swedish cities and increase cyclists’ status in planning practices at the municipal, regional, and national level. The shared vision is that bicycles will account for half of all trips shorter than five kilometers. The association works strategically with opinion forming, knowledge exchange and collaboration.



Swedish Cycling Cities’ joint vision is for half of all journeys shorter than five kilometers to be bike rides


Cycling facts


  • Cycling is increasing in Swedish cities


  • Cycling investments are rewarding for society


  • More and more funds are spent on cycling


The Board

Henrik Oretorp, president, (Center Party), Halmstad
Emma Berginger, vice president, (Green Party), Lund
Thomas Rödin, (Green Party), Helsingborg
Lenita Ericson, (Social Democrats), Luleå
Anders Samuelsson, (Center Party), Jönköping
Mikael Vilbaste, (Green Party),  Västerås
Moa Rasmusson, (Liberals), Sollentuna
Elias Aguirre, (Social Democrats), Linköping
Margaretha Wedin, (Center Party), Gävle

The Cycling Cities

Associate members

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